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Finnis Organic Worms is the largest worm farm in Ireland. It produces worms for the recycling industry as well as for fishing. The Worm Works composter is manufactured in the USA where it is one of the top selling systems of its type. The Worm Works has been redesigned in Co Down Northern Ireland to suit the European climate and a new lid system is manufactured in Northern Ireland.

The Worm Works will satisfy all of your household food waste recycling and will provide you with a ready source of top quality potting compost. Finnis Organic Worms also supply worms for fishing and worm casts for gardeners. Everything you need to know about our products can be found by following the links on the navigation bar.

Please make use of our frequently asked questions section and if you can't find the answer there please contact us at any time by e-mail.

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Did You Know?
Earthworms respire through their skin, and therefore require humid conditions to prevent drying out.

Produce your own Black Gold

easy to use
environmentally friendly

Using worms to compost food waste is a very successful and popular method used throughout the world. It works because it is simple. The end product is the very best potting compost available anywhere.
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